June 7th, 2024

West Pushes for Hope Air Funding and Improved Northern Healthcare Access

QUEEN'S PARK — Ontario NDP MPP Jamie West (Sudbury) used the last day of Question Period to urge the Conservative Government to improve access to healthcare for northern communities after the family of a young, sick child raised concerns about the lack of support from the Government.

"Chas's family has to travel all the way to Toronto's SickKids hospital for care with little support from the Government. During an affordability crisis, Chas and his family had to pay for hotel, gas, and food up front. Then, they could apply for the Northern Health Travel Grant and hope that in 6-8 weeks, they get some, and only some, of the money back."

With June 7th to be declared Hope Air Day in Sudbury, West is also pushing for funding for Hope Air, a charity that provides free flights and services for patients living in underserved and remote communities. Provincial support for Hope Air would go a long way in relieving families.

"Municipalities are waking up to the crisis and doing everything they can to bring awareness. Now it's the Conservative Government's turn to invest in our healthcare workers, into Ontarians, and into a better future for all.

People should be able to access health care no matter where they live, and this government could make that a reality today."

The Ontario NDP is calling on the Conservatives to finally address the Northern Health Travel Grant and ensure it stays in line with the cost of living in the province so Northern Ontarians can get the care they deserve.